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Thousands of frequent flyers use AwardFares is to find the best to use their points for redemptions.

  • Max R.

    THANK YOU. This service is incredible. I've already figure out 2-3 trips through this, and more to come. Saving me massive amounts of effort.

  • Martin B.

    Imagine the following: Next weekend you and a friend want to travel in First Class to any destination. Using AwardFares it takes you 2 seconds to get an overview of all possible options. Amazing!

  • Anders A.

    A great start to my day! I was traveling to LA for my 50th birthday and just one week before departure I got an email notifying me that business seats were available and I was able to change my trip. The alert feature is amazing and it’s great not having to monitor this manually.

  • Stefan F.

    I had promised my daughter a trip for her birthday, and on an unrelated note asked me if I have ever been to Bali since she had seen some TikTok and really liked it. Just for fun I checked AwardFares, a few minutes later we had a return flight in business class ready to go. The look on her face when I told her “It looks great, good thing we’re going there for holiday” was priceless! I have to give a big thanks to the founders of AwardFares, you have an amazing service. THANK YOU.

  • Philip L.

    I had been searching every day for almost a month using my airline’s search engine. Constant error messages and when calling they aren’t able to find the seats. I took my friends’ advice and signed up for AwardFares and almost immediately I found a matching trip. Be smart and save time by using AwardFares!

  • James F.

    I travel abroad frequently, so I was searching for a live seat availability checker, I saw your website and I was really impressed.

  • Gustav A.

    Thank you for a great product, without it I would never have been able to find business tickets to Auckland

  • Ok-Hini R.

    Thank you for an excellent service! I've successfully found and booked several award trips using awardfares.

  • Badi N.

    Awesome features and awesome website! Thanks to this new feature of prices and mixed cabins, it was much easier to find the trip I wanted, and just a few days after receiving this feature I bought return tickets for us to Asia! Super smooth!

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