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Frequently asked questions

How long in advance can I search?

For those on a Gold and Diamond tier plan, AwardFares doesn't restrict how long in advance you can search, however different airlines release tickets at different times. You can check out this blog post for more details.

If you're testing AwardFares on the free tier you can only preview search results up to 30 days in advance.

How many alerts can I have?

See pricing for the limits for your subscription plan.

How many searches can I perform?

See pricing for the limits for your subscription plan.

How do I activate my account?

After signing up you should receive an email with an activation link. Click the link and your account is activated and ready to be used.

If you don't see the email please check your spam folder as it may have been incorrectly marked as spam. You can also reach out to us by emailing [email protected] from the same email you signed up with and we can manually activate your account.

Where is award availability data coming from?

Availability is data is aggregated from various sources.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to your billing page and click "Cancel Subscription". Your subscription will remain active until the end of your period.

Which airlines are supported?

We support any airline that has redemptions with any of our supported programs.

How do I delete my account?

Go to your account page and click "Delete" at the bottom of the page.

I forgot my password

Please visit the forgot password page and enter your account email address. You will receive an email with a link to enter a new password.

How reliable is the availability data?

AwardFares shows availability directly from the supported frequent flyer programs. Our goal is always to show you the possible and most accurate availability data.

For frequent flyer programs that we don't have direct integration with, you can still use AwardFares to estimate availability for other programs.

You can also use AwardFares to check First class availability for airlines that don't show this on their own websites (like SAS EuroBonus). In this case you can use First class availability from Aeroplan and Lifemiles to estimate availability.

You should always confirm the availability with your own frequent flyer program. Availability can vary between different programs and airlines.

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