Award Availability Alerts

Get notified by email and push notifications as soon as new award availability becomes available.


Easily setup availability alerts to get notified when flights become available. Alerts will automatically search the route for you. See Pricing for limits.

AwardFares Alerts

Advanced Filters

Create wide alerts (+/- 1 day) to check 3 days with a single alert. Filter by cabin, airlines, number of passengers, number of stops, and max price. You can also limit mixed cabin results, or even monitor specific flight numbers.

Create alert

Track Searches

You can also setup alerts directly from Search. When you search a specific route and date you'll see an option to "Track" the flight.

Track searches

Alert Emails

When an alert triggers you'll receive an email summary of the flight that changes. Click the link to go directly to the result.

Alert emails

Push Notifications

On supported devices you can also activate Push Notifications to receive alerts directly to your Desktop or mobile device.

Alert push notification

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